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Me, Myself & I

In life's grand canvas, I paint my tale,
A vibrant fusion of dreams, passions, and desires.
A symphony of moments, a living poem,
Me, Myself & I, an eternal traveller.

Amit Chilka
The nature lover in me…

As William Hazlitt once said, “I can enjoy society in a room; but out of doors, nature is company enough for me.” Since childhood, I have been captivated by nature’s ever-changing moods. An insatiable longing for fresh air and the wild have always been my calling. To smile at the vibrant flowers, seeing them smile back, to converse with the towering mountains, realizing their understanding, and to gaze at the diverse shades of green among the shrubs—every moment spent in nature’s embrace is a treasure.

Nature speaks wisdom, and through its teachings, I have learned life’s most profound lessons. Nature has been a steadfast companion, supporting me in both joy and sorrow. I recall the enchanting Rajgad emerging from the clouds and the comforting early morning jogs at Durga Tekdi when I needed solace.

The wilderness reveals the miracle of life, rendering our scientific achievements insignificant in comparison.

The avid trekker in me…

As William Blake once wrote, “Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street.” The allure of mountains has led me to venture through the Sahyadri and the Himalayas, exploring their enchanting paths and peaks, regardless of the season.

My trekking journey began in 10th grade with a visit to Lohagad. Our small group of nature enthusiasts embarked on an overnight adventure, lodging in a cave and cooking our own food. The night sky, adorned with stars, and the howling winds were our companions. Despite the fatigue, the exhilaration and refreshment we felt upon returning only reinforced our determination to continue exploring the mountains.

The hills have become my confidants, steadfast in their support during times of need. Trekking is a sport of self-competition, and scaling a peak instills a sense of accomplishment and resilience.

Having proudly climbed of 200+ forts, my goal is to reach all the forts in Maharashtra.

The writer in me…

Theodore Dreiser once said, “Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean.” Wanting to share the magic of nature with my loved ones, I discovered a hidden talent: writing. Though it didn’t come naturally, I began chronicling my backpacking experiences. My first travelogue, detailing the breathtaking beauty of Bhorgiri, soon transformed into a series of articles.

My writing has been featured in Maharashtra Times, Travel Magazine Bhatkanti, and other publications. I invite you to explore these articles and hope you find joy in reading them.

The photographer in me…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. My writing would have felt incomplete without the visual complement of photography. Recently, my photographs were exhibited in Bal Gandharva Kala Dalan, Pune, with renowned artist Raosaheb Gurav offering his praise.

Shrikrishna Kale, a reporter for the daily Lokmat, interviewed me after the exhibition, and his article captured my passion for photography perfectly. Through these images, I hope to share the beauty of the world that has left me breathless time and time again.

The Hidden Chef In Me…

Surprise! If you’ve trekked with me, you’re likely aware of my culinary skills. My love for cooking began in the 6th grade and has grown ever since. On backpacking trips, I’ve never been satisfied with the typical trekker’s diet of instant noodles and simple dishes. As a foodie, I crave delicious, wholesome meals even when exploring the great outdoors.

My creative spirit thrives in the challenge of preparing delectable dishes during treks. I first flexed my culinary muscles at Naneghat, where I whipped up Pav Bhaji and Boondi Raita to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Since then, I’ve cooked an array of mouthwatering meals on my adventures, such as Biryani, Uttapam, Raw Mango Rice, Kairi Dal, Atte ka Shira, Pohe, Upma, Manchurian, Misal Pav, Aloo Parathas, and Aloo Chole Chaat.

Fellow trekkers often share that hiking with me is even more enjoyable thanks to the scrumptious food I prepare. So, if you ever have the chance to join me on a trek, be prepared for a feast that’s as memorable as the journey itself!

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