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Embracing Nature and Camaraderie on the Trek to Pangboche

Embracing Nature and Camaraderie on the Trek to Pangboche

Day 08: Saturday, April 23, 2011 (Portse Tanga to Pangboche | 3-hour trek)

Embark on a memorable journey with us as we trek from Portse Tanga to Pangboche, navigating steep ascents, encountering local wildlife, and discovering breathtaking views along the way. Our trek unfolds through picturesque landscapes, past the charming settlement of Portse, and up to the edge of a cliff that offers stunning vistas of the Tengboche Monastery. As we reach our destination, we find solace in modern comforts and celebrate our experiences with music, dance, and newfound camaraderie. Join us on this captivating adventure that is sure to leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

the nak encounter

Awakened by the melodic chirping of birds and the soothing sounds of the nearby river at dawn, our group felt rejuvenated and more determined than ever to reach the base camp. Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, we embarked on our day’s journey.

As we strolled along the winding river, reminiscing about the previous day’s delightful moments, we crossed a bridge and began a steep ascent. Suddenly, we heard a shriek, and a nak (a type of cattle) appeared out of nowhere, charging toward us. Panic ensued, and someone quickly suggested we take cover behind a nearby stone wall. With bated breath, we watched the nak race past us, crossing the bridge and disappearing into the thicket. Relief washed over us as we pondered who was truly more afraid.

Shaking off the encounter, we continued our climb through the refreshing woodland, which helped make the journey less tiring. Before long, we reached the charming settlement of Portse. It was perched on the edge of a mountain and overlooking the valley we had just traversed. We fondly recalled our time at the Everest View Hotel as we gazed upon it from our new vantage point.

the climb

The trail ahead led us along a sheer ridge before crossing over to the other side. It was a challenging climb that rewarded us with breathtaking views. From the edge of a cliff, we marveled at a 250-meter-deep valley and spotted the unmistakable Tengboche Monastery atop a distant hillock. Excited to find the path ahead was mostly level, we continued our trek. We did so by taking in the peaceful surroundings until we reached our destination.

at Pangboche

Pangboche resembled many of the other settlements we had encountered along the way. However, the hotel we stayed in featured a TV and music system. This offered us a comforting sense of connection to our everyday lives. The group rejoiced, dancing and singing together as we enjoyed each other’s company. The warm hospitality of the hotel owner and the delectable food they served only added to our memorable and enriching experience.

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