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Overcoming Obstacles on the Trek to Lobuche

Overcoming Obstacles on the Trek to Lobuche

Day 11: Tue April 26, 2011 (Dingboche – Lobuche | 4 hours trek)

On the penultimate day of our trek, anticipation and excitement filled the air as we set off from Dingboche toward Lobuche. This day’s journey was marked by unexpected moments, from an unplanned early lunch at Thukla to a chilling snowfall that blanketed the landscape. As we navigated through these challenges, we were reminded of the unpredictability of the mountains and the resilience required to reach our goal. Join us as we overcome the obstacles on the trek to Lobuche and recount the events of this memorable day giving a final push toward our ultimate destination.

A day before we reach our final destination

With our final destination only a day away, anticipation fueled our determination to continue walking. As usual, we started early, steadily traversing one hill after another until we reached the foothills of a steep mountain. Here, a small settlement called Thukla, consisting of a couple of hotels, greeted us. Long ago, there was a thriving settlement in this location, but it had been washed away in flood.

By 10 am, we had reached Thukla, where our guides had planned an early lunch. None of us favored the idea of eating so early, preferring to wait until we reached our destination. However, our guides had already ordered lunch, so we had no choice but to wait. After an hour, the food finally arrived, and it was noon before we set off again.

As we began to ascend, the weather started to change. Clouds gathered in the sky, and a chill filled the air. The climb became challenging, particularly with full stomachs. The group slowed down, taking over an hour to climb the steep edge. Upon reaching the top, we saw numerous prayer flags swaying in the wind. The unwavering faith of the locals and their prayers undoubtedly aided us, just as it does for mountaineers who venture here.

Snowing at Lobuche

The trail became simpler, and within half an hour, we arrived at our hotel in Lobuche. However, as we walked, snow began to fall. It continued snowing throughout the evening and night, blanketing everything in white. As we went to bed, we couldn’t help but wonder how we would reach our goal in these conditions.

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