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Trek to Hotel Everest View

trek to Hotel Everest View: enjoying Snowfall and Stunning Views

Day 04: Tue April 19, 2011 (Rest & Acclimatization Day)

Join us on Day 4 of our unforgettable Everest Trek as we take a much-needed rest and acclimatization day. Despite the focus on relaxation, we still embark on an adventure to higher ground, splitting into two groups to explore the hidden gems of the region. From the remote village of Kumjung to the breathtaking Trek to Hotel Everest View, we experience the wonder of the Himalayas amidst a magical snowfall, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Walk high, sleep low

“Walk high, sleep low” is a golden rule to follow when trekking in the Himalayas. Despite being a rest day, it was crucial to trek to a higher elevation before returning to Namche for proper acclimatization. Rising early, our group split into two. The first group headed to Kumjung, a small village above Namche, housing a monastery and the renowned Kumjung School founded by Sir Edmund Hillary. The second group, eager for their first glimpse of Mt. Everest and some good food, chose the Trek to Hotel Everest View.

the Syangboche Airstrip

The previous day’s steep ascent left many weary, so we climbed slowly and steadily, pausing for photographs and to regroup. It took over an hour to reach Syangboche, a tiny settlement about 100 meters above Namche, known for its airstrip—one of the world’s highest. Passenger flights have ceased due to acclimatization issues, and now only occasional cargo flights utilize the airstrip.

Trek to Hotel Everest View
The Syangboche Airstrip

After admiring the airstrip and imagining its operation, the groups parted ways. The Everest group walked the airstrip’s length before ascending a lush, green hillock. A short, steep hike led us to a hotel situated at 3,880 meters, offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks. Unfortunately, Everest remained hidden from view.

snowfall at Hotel Everest View

Despite not seeing Everest, we experienced a spectacular snowfall after a sudden rain and hail shower. The snowfall caused a two-hour delay, but we had no regrets. Once the sky cleared, we descended to Namche, where the Everest Bakery caught our attention, and we indulged in hot lemon tea and delicious apple pie.

Back to Namche Bazaar

Back at the hotel, we met a team of all-women IAF officers on an Everest summit expedition. After a brief chat at the dinner table, we prepared for the long day ahead. Flight Lieutenants Nivedita Choudhary, Nirupama Pandey, and Rajika Sharma would later become the first three women IAF officers to summit Everest, a remarkable achievement. Read the news here.

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