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Trek to Namche Bazaar

trek to Namche Bazaar: Embracing Beauty and Challenge on Our Everest Trek

Day 03: Mon April 18, 2011 (Phakding – Namche Bazaar | 5 hours trek)

Join us on Day 3 of our exhilarating Everest Trek as we embrace both the beauty and challenges of our trek to Namche Bazaar. From steep ascents and ever-changing weather to awe-inspiring landscapes and charming villages, this day is filled with unforgettable moments. Read on to experience the captivating sights and experiences that awaited us on our trek to the stunning town of Namche Bazaar, the gateway to the majestic Mount Everest.

an early start

Our guides made sure we had an early breakfast, serving us toast and potatoes with jam, honey, and marmalade as soon as we sat down. Energized, we wasted no time setting off on our day-long trek toward Namche Bazaar.

Following the route that wound around mountain cliffs, we made our way through Phakding, where villagers were busy with their daily tasks. We observed them feeding yaks, chopping firewood, and preparing meals. Amidst the bustle, a boy getting a haircut caught everyone’s attention, and we all paused to snap a photo.

the stunning vistas

The journey after Phakding only became more stunning. Clouds brushed against towering peaks, the air retained its chill, and the sun gradually emerged. The trail was alive with vibrant colors and blooming rhododendrons. Despite steep and exhausting ascents, the breathtaking views motivated us to keep going. We passed through small villages, crossed several Hillary suspension bridges, and finally arrived in Jorshalle, where we stopped for lunch.

Jorshalle marked the beginning of even steeper climbs. The settlement hosted a few hotels, and trekkers often took a break before continuing. After another delicious meal of dal-bhat and a quick nap, we felt mentally prepared to tackle the challenging ascent ahead.

the unpredictable weather

The trail initially followed the Dudhkoshi River, which we crossed over another suspension bridge. A short walk led to the first steep climb. We persevered, gradually making our way up and crossing the river once more. From there, we faced a series of steep inclines that left us breathless. Along the way, the weather changed unpredictably, with drizzles, sudden rain, and even a hailstorm. Anu’s umbrella provided some shelter for our group, drawing curious looks from passing trekkers.

reaching Namche Bazaar

Finally, after a long 5-hour walk, we reached Namche, a picturesque town nestled within the horse-shoe-magnet-shaped spurs of the Himalayas. A charming monastery warmly welcomed us, and we delighted in turning the many prayer wheels as we entered the bustling town. Namche greeted us with an array of shops, hotels, bakeries, and pubs. We passed the Irish pub, Starbucks café, Everest bakery, and more on our way to the Himalayan lodge, situated at 3440m above sea level. The altitude required acclimatization, so we were scheduled to stay for an additional night, which we welcomed gladly.

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